A trip to Walt's Happy Place: Marceline, Missouri - Part 3

A trip to Marceline, Missouri last fall (September 2012). I originally wrote this trip report and posted it on www.disboards.com, but I thought it would be fun to share it here too. The trip report is broken into 4 parts:

After we browsed around Main Street for a while, we decided to head over to the Walt Disney Municipal Park to see the old Midget Autopia site.

It's a really great park just outside of town with a nice lake, ball fields, public swimming pool, playground, and amphitheater. The park and pool were named after Walt. Walt and Roy were there for the dedication in 1956. Pretty cool.

But we came to visit the Midget Autopia site!

If you want more information on the history of Midget Autopia, http://www.yesterland.com/autopia3.html has a great write up about it. They refer to plans for re-creating it closer to the museum, but I don't think enough funding was secured, and it looks like the effort was abandoned. Too bad

Well, we had fun visiting the 2.0 version as-is today!

The old queuing area was turned into a picnic site

The old concrete track is still there, and it has been amended with additional playground equipment

We brought the scooters and tricycle with us, and the kids had a blast riding on the old track!

Here's a quick YouTube video showing the kids cruising around. Sorry for the poor quality... It was recorded on my phone.


They had fun on the playground equipment too


Then, the girls decided that they needed to put on a show for us at the amphitheater


We watched a few more trains pass by, and at this point, it was time to move on. The next post will cover Walt Disney Elementary, the Dreaming Tree, and Walt's Barn.

Part 4 - Walt Disney Elementary school and Walt Disney's boyhood home

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